During this Relationship Clarity One-on-One Call, we will have a 90-minute conversation on where you are right now, as it relates to your life, relationship and what you would like to see different. We will discuss what may be causing you some concern, discomfort, or frustration, get a picture of where you desire to be, and consider what could be blocking you from getting there. We will then look at some possible actions to take. You are in for a real treat, as Barbara has this uncanny ability of drawing out things you didn't even realize was there, for the clarity needed to propel you forward.

Once notification of this purchase is received, you will get a questionnaire to fill out and return prior to our call. I will reach out to you to schedule a mutual date and time for our call, as well as a 30-minute follow up call two weeks later to solidify how you have been able to integrate from the experience.